HSE Leadership
This course is designed to provide delegates with an outline of their personal and organisational duties and responsibilities under health & safety legislation. They will also be able to identify strategies for developing best practice in implementing health and safety programmes.

The course is suitable for senior managers, supervisor and others who may have responsibility for health & safety at work or are key decision makers for the organisation.

General Course Objectives & Content:
At the end of the course delegates will be able to:
  • Outline the business drivers for improving health & safety standards in the workplace:
    • Financial impacts on poor Health,Safety & Environment performance
    • Criminal and civil liability
    • Employee absence
    • Business risks
    • Business benefits / improved efficiencies
    • Government initiatives
    • Corporate social responsibility
  • Describe the legal system in Indonesia as it applies to health & safety at work:
    • UU No.1 Thn 1970
    • Per.Menaker No. 05/1996 - SMK3
    • Per.Menaker No. 04/1987 - P2K3
    • Per.Menaker No. 02/1992 - Ahli K3
    • Per.Menaker No. 04/1998 - PUIL
    • Per.Menaker No. 05/1985 - Pes. Angkat & Angkut
    • Per.Menaker No. 02/1983 - Instalasi Alarm Kebakaran Otomatik
  • Describe the leadership checklist

  • Describe the importance of leadership for implementing the health and safety programme& outline core actions for health & safety programme :
    • Plan health & safety programme
    • Deliver health & safety programme
    • Monitor health & safety programme
    • Review health & safety programme
  • Answer common questions that are frequently asked within organisations about basic H&S issues:
    • Open question session
    • Prepared FAQs
Course Content:
  • Definition that related with accident
  • Basic legislation in Indonesia regarding accident reporting
  • Scope, objective and standard of accident reporting
  • Frequency rate and severity rate
  • Accident investigation process
  • Accident analysis technique : domino effect, swiss cheese, root cause analysis, fish bone
  • Hierarchy of control
  • Study case: Apply accident analysis technique for identifying the cause of accident that will be displayed on video

Key Information

Accrediting Body: Samson Tiara

Course Duration: 1 Day

Course Validity: 3 Years

Course Venue:

  • Cilegon
  • Jakarta
  • On-site
NOTE: If conducted on-site client should provide classroom or other suitable quiet area with chairs, desks, whiteboard, & overhead projector.

All persons who successfully complete the course based on the performance standards will receive
  • A PT Samson Tiara / Survival Systems Asia certificate for HSE Leadership
Investment Cost Includes:
  • Course Handout
  • Lunch, Coffee Breaks & Snacks (where applicable)
  • Certificate
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Corresponding Refreshers:
HSE Leadership

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