Business Patnerships, Accreditation & Associations

OPITO (Aberdeen, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, Houston)

In 2004 Samson Tiara became the first training provider in Indonesia to achieve international recognition and certification by obtaining OPITO approval. Samson Tiara works closely with OPITO to ensure the safety, quality and maintenance of all aspects of their training programs and is audited annually by OPITO to ensure compliance. Samson Tiara is also an active member of the OPITO Asia Pacific Training Providers Advisory Group (TPAG) which meets twice per year to discuss issues and recommendations for OPITO training standards.

Samson Tiara is approved by OPITO to provide the following training programs:

Survival Systems Limited ( Canada )
Samson Tiara and Survival Systems Asia use Survival Systems Limited (Canada) to upgrade the METS™ training courseware and for re-certification of local staff for Helicopter Ditching (HUET) and Sea Survival courses every 2 years.

The Modular Egress Training Simulator is inspected, repaired and re-certified by the Canadian manufacturer at this time.
Atlas Knowledge
Samson Tiara is approved by Atlas Knowledge to provide the OPITO International Minimum Industry Safety Training (IMIST) online eLearning program in Indonesia .
Many other eLearning courses developed by Atlas Knowledge are planned for roll out in Indonesia by Samson Tiara.
Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenakertrans)
Samson Tiara is approved by the the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenakertrans) and has an agreement in place with the Ministry to conduct the following government approved training courses:
  • HSE Specialist Training (Ahli K3 Umum)
  • Fire Fighting Training (Penanggulangan Kebakaran Level A,B,C,D)
  • Confined Space Training (Ruang Terbatas)
Kemenakertrans Approval: PJK3 Depnaker RI * : 047/DJPPK/PJK3-LAT/VIII/2010
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Oil & Gas (Migas)
Samson Tiara is approved by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Directorate General of Oil & Gas (MIGAS) and has an agreement in place with Pusdiklat Migas Cepu (the government approved education and training center on Oil & Gas), to conduct the MIGAS approved K3 Migas training program (HSE Specialist in the Oil & Gas Industry).
MIGAS Approval: No. 0151 /SKT-02/DMT/2010
Medic One
Samson Tiara has formal business partnership with Medic One to provide a variety of First Aid training programs accredited by the American Heart Association and the Australian Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians. Samson Tiara also works with Medic One to market and educate clients about Medic One’s unique and life saving ambulance services in Indonesia.
Indonesian Representative
Samson Tiara is the Indonesian IASST (International Association of Safety Survival Training) representative.
Krakatau Medika Hospital (Cilegon, Indonesia)
Samson Tiara has a formal agreement with the Krakatau Medika Hospital to provide ambulance and medical services for students and staff in case of any emergency during training in the Cilegon and Anyer training facilities.

JOIFF (Dublin, Ireland)
Samson Tiara and its emergency response personnel are registered members of JOIFF. JOIFF deals with Fire Hazard Management. While the emphasis in fire hazard management is on prevention, protection and preparation of risk based scenarios, JOIFF members are also the first call officers / incident controllers at emergency incidents. Members, therefore, must be fully versed in all aspects of current fire, security, hazardous material and medical emergency response, and must be able to command operations involving fire and other emergency scenarios of all types varying from very minor incidents through to major catastrophic events.
Royale Krakatau Hotel
Samson Tiara has a formal agreement with the Royal Krakatau hotel to provide lunch for all training participants in Cilegon as well providing a special rate for accomodation for students.
Le Dian Hotel & Marbella Hotel
Samson Tiara has formal agreements with the Le Dian and Marbella Hotels to provide accommodation for students participating in training in Cilegon and Anyer
Villa Anyer Marina
Samson Tiara has a formal joint venture with Villa Anyer Marina to provide training facilities, accommodation and meals for courses operated at sea in Anyer.