Trainee Comment

Paul - HUET-Code 5095 (31 Oct 2016)

Dear Samson Tiara,

"Of note, my training with your crew that day was extraordinary, as was the care I received from your medic. She was excellent. I arrived in the morning with some sort of awful stomach flu, and she took great care of me, and got me feeling better for the afternoon practical session.

When we got in the water, I was having issues with my own personal feelings about being underwater, but the crew was so fantastic, professional, and supportive, I actually feel like I've turned a corner with my discomfort in water. I can't say enough about how I felt after the course was complete. I owe the Samson Tiara crew that day a large debt of gratitude and respect for everything they helped me with.

I look forward to training with you again for this certification."