Air to Ground and Ground to Ground Radio Telephony Officer / Radio Operator

This course is designed to meet the Civial Aviation Authoirty (CAA) and Departemen Perhubungan (Departement of Communications) requirements for aeronautical radio stations... read more

Helideck Assistant

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and understanding for persons employed as Offshore Helideck Assistants, and whom are required to assist the HLO in... read more

Helicopter Landing Officer

The course is designed to equip the delegate with the knowledge, understanding and skills required to perform the role of Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO) safely and effectively... read more

Training for Onshore Emergency Management Support Teams

This course is designed to train new or refresh existing EMT and CMT Members in the principles of Incident Command System Strategy and Tactics, enabling them to be both proactive... read more